Talent Tracking System References

The Talent Tracking System has been implemented at the following orginizations

Nederlands Handbal Verbond (NHV)

The Dutch Handball Union started using the TalentTrackingSystem for all their national teams and on preselected Handball schools. Keeping track of the progress being made has become much simpler and intelligible for everyone involved with the talent. It has become clear that communication and recording this leads to several positives. Positives like, focus on everyone, intelligibility and transparency for everyone involved. Sjors Rottger, technical director of NHV, signs the contract together with Paul van Gestel, director Verbeter Presteren, supplier of TTS.

Koninklijke Nederlandse Korfbalbond (KNKV)

The KNKV started using Verbeter Presteren's TalentTrackingSystem. The use of TTS completely complies with KNKV's vision where they want to innovate the game and expand it into the top 10 of largest sports in the Netherlands. With the objective for the sport and its clubs to be considered an active player in communities with an informal and lively atmosphere as well as increases its national and international stature as top- and media covered sport. Technical director Kees Rodenburg and National Team Manager Jan Sjouke van den Bos from the KNKV signed the contract together with Paul van Gestel director Verbeter Presteren, supplier of TTS.

Nederlandse Kanobond (NKB)

The Dutch Canoe Association (NKB) is the union of both organized and unorganized canoeists and canoeing teams in the Netherlands. NKB will use the TalentTrackingSystem from Verbeter Presteren on the disciplines Canoe Slalom and Sprint (Flatwater racing). With TTS the Dutch Canoe Association obtained the means to better support their talented athletes, being able to lift them to a higher level. Technical director Adrie Berk signed the contract together with Paul van Gestel director Verbeter Presteren, supplier of TTS.

FC Twente

Trainers from Football Academia FC Twente Heracles will receive teaching on mental training. This teaching will be facilitated by using TTS to keep track of the progress and to obtain insight in the trainers development.

Competence Management System CMS

The Competence Management System has been implemented at:


Together with P&O a select number of employees has been given access to TTS. Exact roles between Movares, Delta pi and Verbeter Presteren will be divided during testing.

Delta Pi

At Delta Pi a testing area has been in use with a goal to obtain knowledge and get experience with TTS. Different employees, both experienced and unexperienced, use TTS for self reflection as well as to give direction to daily activities in relation to both personal and organizational targets. There are three coaches to support the employees and an executive is responsible for correct use.


A pilot under the name “The Speedup” started at acconavm. Goal of the project is to educate and train new employees through weekly meetings with an internal trainer. CMS is attuned to accon avm and serves as a support system to enhance the speed of personal development. Each employee can self reflect with documentation into the system. A coach, executive and trainer from the internal program are connected to every single employee. This realizes the possibility to keep track of the progress of an employee on every level as well as the active coaching done by the coach, executive and trainer. All employees and those involved, started at a null level on competences appropriate to their function. Periodically (monthly) an evaluation is made through the CMS which visualizes the growth made by employees.

Acconavm's existing internal competence management structure is supplemented by the CMS delivered by Verbeter Presteren, which realizes the possibility to grant transparency and insight into the functioning of employees within the existing hierarchical and functional lines. Herewith giving the opportunity to coach and test employees more frequently. Those who wish to accelerate will have the chance to visualize their acceleration through CMS. Thus giving employees the possibility gain a higher level, as soon as they have the necessary qualifications.

Verbeter Presteren

TTS is part of Verbeter Presteren


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