Talent Tracking System Attributes

TalentTrackingSystem, expanded from 6 to 8 attributes

In TTS talents have the possibility to report on which aspects they have been training and what they have learned along the way. These reports are related to six sports-attributes. This is also the case when an evaluation is made by either athlete or trainer. Recently NOC-NSF (The Dutch Olympic Committee) required adding two more attributes concerning the tracking of talents; nutrition and education.


For sports in all categories, agility is one of the main factors that determines the final performance. Execution and composure are both indispensable and conditional and are a result of good technical skills.


The tactical aspect points to the strategy thats is used to outperform the opponent.


A broad physical teaching (strength, speed, agility) and a gradual increase of training intensity make sure that you will be able to demonstrate your technical, tactical and mental abilities on a higher level.


Mental training is often determinative and is a important completion to physical training, Discipline, work rate, motivation and passion determine the success of a career in sports.


Other important aspects when it comes to development of a sportsman are social competences like group behavior, teamwork and relating to others.


Combining top-level sport and education is key to having success in both competitive sports as well as being able to move into a second career if the need arises. To combine a high level of education and sports training, those involved with the athletes will have insight in the relation between planning and success of both sports and education.


Nutrition plays a considerable role in sport performance and needs to be an integral part of any complete training program. In TTS an athlete has the possibility to communicate his or her diet giving, for example, a nutritionist the ability to advise (even from a distance).


Other aspects that can be a factor, like for instance personal care and work/rest balance.

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