Talent Tracking System

TTS is a Talent Tracking System that has been developed especially to support reflective learning and to obtain insight in the progress of talented athletes. In TTS changes in development can be implemented by several actors involved with the talented athlete, such as; coaches, trainers, medical staff, parents, schools or even the athlete concerned. 
The system is 100% web-based which provides access on any location with an Internet connection. Access to the system is based on the “need to do” principal.


TTS has many possibilities, such as implementing a yearly calendar, registering and providing insight in training frequency, sport activity overview, injuries overview, monthly reports, personal interviews and periodical evaluation of the athletes. In TTS athletes reflect on themselves and they can also be reflected upon by those involved with the athlete. Assessments are established on six sports-attributes: physical, technical, tactical, social, mental and general. The generated data on the talented athlete will be visualized on the DASHBOARD in a compressed fashion. Thus cleverly realizing a clarified and complete image of the talented athlete by which detailed attributes can directly be accessed through DASHBOARD.


In TTS anyone with access to the system can quickly gain insight in the talented athletes attributes. Combining this with the ability to communicate easily with all actors involved, TTS becomes a powerful, easy to use tool for anyone involved with talented athletes in any area of sport.

Verbeter Presteren

TTS is part of Verbeter Presteren


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